Wednesday, September 30

Filth and Wisdom

Coucou à tous !

A short day at school, 09-13. Afterwards I worked on my project 'bout Breathe Carolina and their song Hello Fascination. We had to choose a song and translate it to Swedish, but also tell about the band. I also cleaned up my jewellery boxes

And the evening with Ida:

Jacket JC, dress some small boutique, tights H&M, shoes dinsko, scarf second hand

Tuesday, September 29

The thing is, he takes away my pain.

I can't go to my badminton practice today, the pain in my leg is killing me ! Plus I have tons of homework to do.. I'm constant whining about hw, sorry !
We had a pretty normal dy at school, except that our French teacher told us that we're going to have a test next Tuesday. That did not make my day, exactly.

Now I'm supposed to study but this is so much more fun !

Yesterday's outfit

Shrit GinaTricot

Skirt Forever21

Today's outfit

T-shirt Forever21

Skirt: H&M

Scarf as a belt: from New York

Sunday, September 27

No one ever suspects the butterfly

This is how I look right now, haha =)

Sorry that I haven't had time to write anything in a long time, I should be doing homework right now.. so let's make this a quick one.

On Friday we went to Helsinki with Laura( It was a chilly day, so we bought some hot chocolate with whipped cream on top from Robert's Coffee. It was delicious ! After that we just hung out at Espa. Later she came over to our place.. and we just lay on my bed and watched tv :D

Yesterday I was supposed to do homework all day long, but I ended up watching The Hills-marathon on MTV and seeing Laura again. Later I went out jogging and then watched The Pink Panther 2 with my sis :)

Today's outfit:

Shirt: second hand

Thights: H&M

Glasses: from New York

Now back to the hw, ciao !

Wednesday, September 23

Jasmine and honeysuckle

Salut petite boules!

Yesterday was a hectic day, I didn't have time to write anything. In school we had English, French, math and history. In the afternoon I went to Kierrätyskeskus (Recycling Centre) and Fida. I bought a cute bag and a blue-red-white checked flannel shirt for only 4.5o€! Pictures later on.

I woke up at 07.55 and snoozed for a couple minutes. For the first time in a long, LONG time I didn't have to run for the bus ! We had a short day, 09-13. After school I went to buy some cheese, and then came home. I was in the mood for some painting, but i had no inspiration.. here's the result:

Nothing too pretty :D

Today's outfit:

Denim shirt: JC
Top: Gina Tricot
Leggings: H&M
Specs: from New York

Monday, September 21

naked and bustless:D

Un, deux, trois, quarte...
Just watching videos by ThisIsVee on YouTube. He's so totally random, I love it ! =) Today we had math, art and phsysic classes at school. Pretty normal, and boring. After school I had an hour to make some homework before the drawing- and painting workshop at Espoo Art School, but I just ate the all time :D My pal Anna started the workshop today, and we met up at the art school a few minutes before class. I finished my painting and it was kind of neat, because I've been working on it for the last three or four times!

My outfit today was really boring, just wanted to wear something comfy for school. A hoodie, jeans, Converses..

Haha, I was just looking through my pics from NY&NJ, and I found this:

It's the family dog, Wilbur. He's just soo cute !

Now I have to get to my French homework. Numbers 0-40.. G'nite !

Sunday, September 20

We all get our jollys from one way or another

Oh gosh. I'm really, REALLY tired again. You're supposed to be relaxed after the weekend ? I've done nothing too special but I'm still exhausted.
I woke up quite early, 09.30. Ma homie Laura had texted me, so I we went to this small park to just enjoy the day. Just fooling around:

We also bumped into some runners who were running the Espoo Beach Marathon. I snapped a shot:

It had to stand there and wait for like 5 minutes, with people flooding by all the time.

But here's what I wore today:

Checked shirt: Forever21
Jeans: from Canada

Shoes: Forever21
Necklace: self-made

I have to sleep now. Tomorrow the faithful alarm clock will be waking me up at 06.44, as always. Bonne nuit !

Saturday, September 19

What's wrong with BrokeNCYDE?!

Bonsoir til tous les boutons!
I didn't write anything yesterday 'cause I didn't have the time. But I just hung out with my dear friend Ida, and she took a pic of my ensemble:

Cape/jacket: JC
Scarf: Zara
Dress: Gina Tricot

Bag: from Paris
Tights: H&M
Shoes: DinSko

Today was the cleaning day. I cleaned all day long, and we went to Sello(mall) in the afternoon. I had spotted a gorgeous sweater in Gina Tricot the other day, and now I just couldn't resist. It cost quite a lot, but it was worth it !

Sorry about the picture, it's kinda blurry.

Sweater: Gina Tricot, 30€

Thursday, September 17

Don't be such a goody-goody

Okay, the sports day was worse than I thought. We walked like 5 miles and played baseball afterwards. Everybody were so exhausted that the baseball didn't really go smoothly. After school I did some laundry, and the went to visit my friend. We made some yummy chocolatecake.. it was heavenly !

I also had a badminton practice. I was so exhausted after the 5-mile-walk so ít didn't go well..

No "Today's outfit", I wore sweatpants and a hoodie for school =)

Wednesday, September 16

We already ate it.

Salut à tous les rennes peu !

Today was a short day at school, we only had four lessons. I went to Sello with my friend, 'cause she wanted to buy some clothes. And surprise, surprise, I ended up with some new stuff too! I was so exited, because I haven't bought any new clothes after I went to New Jersey and New York(in July) !

Tomorrow we're going to have a sports day at school. It's kinda fun, I'm going to miss some really boring lessons: Biology, Math, P.E. Plus we're just going to walk around the area so it's gonna be nice.. hope it's not gonna rain !
I just came home after jogging about a 5½ miles. I always go jogging with a friend on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and we both enjoy it so much!

Today's outfit:

Jacket: second hand

Scarf: Zara

Jersey: second hand

Leggings: Only

Shoes: Dinsko

Things I bought today:

This cape/jacket was a real bargain: at first it cost 89€ but I got it for 20€!

Cape/jacket: JC

I bought these cuties from H&M Kids. They're were just too lovely to resist!

Rings(3-pack): H&M Kids, 1.95€

I'm drifting off to sleep every minute now. Sleep tight everybody !

Tuesday, September 15

Once I was a bird sightseeing in no mans country

Allo !

All day long I've been thinking about this awesome band and their gig I'm going to see in November. Anti-Flag is going to perform 11/21/09 at Nosturi. The support bands are Alexisonfire and Four Years Strong. I'm just so exited about this !

Today I hung out and took some pictures with my friend Marie. I took some pretty cool pics of her, she's such a beauty !
Today's ensemble:

LOVE-ring: Accessorizes
Jacket: a little boutique in Paris
Scarf: A street market in New York
Bag: Paris
Dress: New Jersey
Cardigan: second hand
Leggings: Gina Tricot
Shoes: DinSko

Monday, September 14

Pack your thing we're leaving at dawn

Bonjour les petits champignons!

What a day. I woke up 06.28 a.m after six hours sleep, and I'm telling you, that's not enough for me. School was.. well, as it always is. Quite boring. And I still have some homework to do !
Now I really have to get back to the homework, or I'll still be up at midnight..
Today's outfit(sorry about the crappy pics):

Cardigan: mom's

Dress: Forever21

Leggings: H&M

The camera necklace: JC

Sunday, September 13

When we turn the light on, they scatter

Salut à tous !
I love sundays. You can read a good book, bake, drink hot chocolate, hang out with your friends, see a good movie or just relax, for example. Today I went to see The Hangover with my friend. It was the second time I saw it, but it was still as hilarious as the first time! And Justin Bartha was still looking pretty damn hot..

I have to tell you, my friend Marie taught me how to skate on Wednesday. At first, it was one of the hardest things I've ever tried. In the beginning I couldn't even stand on the board without support, but it went smoother after a while :)
Here's the evidence:


Hoodie: H&M

T-shirt: from Sweden

Jeans: from Canada

Shoes: Foot Locker

Magic Spells

Coucou mes enfants!

It's the first time I'm writing to this blog. I'm really not sure if I'm continuing to write in English, I can also do it in Swedish or Finnish. In a nutshell, I'm mostly going to write about clothes and fashion, but also about my own life, music, celebs and current topics in the newsworld. I'm guessing the texts are moslty going to be about clothes, I have a strong passion for fashion. It's true, no matter how cliché that phrase is!

Today's ensemble:

The black dress: Vero Moda
The pink tulle skirt: Gina Tricot