Sunday, October 31

easy on the green stuff

back in business. my head is so full of stuff atm ... time for a to do-list. running up first: math, then a late workout. gotta love sundays right xx

Saturday, October 30


photos by ida

off to ida's cottage (by the sea... nice) hungover but happy, two words that describe my being quite well right now. back on track on sunday, have a great weekend you guys xx

There's something strange about the way the tap-water tastes

sweet evening. thanks guys.

Sunday, October 24

listen to billie jean and mix vodka with caffeine

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. i've totally lost my inspiration and motivation for blogging. it might take some time get it back, so be patient. it'll get better. right now i'm waiting for the game to start (go olimpija), later sweetiepies xx

Saturday, October 23

Wednesday, October 20

due to maintenance

basically i've spent my day with the physics book. i love to learn new things, and this subject is no exception, but it really is tough to study all day long. soon i'll hit the bed, tired to the extreme. good night everyone xx

ps. how do you like my map? i've totally fallen in love with it! could just stare at it for hours and find new places to visit (we actually did that w/ my brother.. stood there for an hour laughing at funny city names haha)

Tuesday, October 19

teeny tiny differences

waiting for my sister to come over. stellar to see her, generally i could say that i miss her all the time, blame it on the busy lives. but when we see each other it's always so great. i know nothing better than to laugh to our crazy inside jokes or to curl up on a sofa with her and talk about anything. she's the greatest. xx

Sunday, October 17

give me them bright lights

shots from this fall break(you call it that?)

studying, waiting for granny to bring me food (grateful), watching the hills and preparing myself mentally for going back to school (fuck). the runway pics are from a fashion fare i went to today w/ anna. ciao babes xx

Saturday, October 16

Thursday, October 14

omg, so intense

chillin w/ this gal, having a nice time! nighty night xx

Monday, October 11

banana split

today I had my first banana split ever. whipped cream, a banana, vanilla ice cream, choclate sauce + nonpareils = one happy gal. deeelicious, thank's anna! xx

Saturday, October 9

bambi ride

right now: happy and tired, excited but unwilling to do anything, all this covered with a thin layer of stress.


the to-do list for the day is too long. still im just sitting here. later xo

Friday, October 8

Ginger Ninja - Red Lips

once again, congrats joanna! had the nicest evening, thank you girls for making it so great xx

Thursday, October 7

Wednesday, October 6

let it chime

Okay fellas, due to some changes I'm only going to write in english from now on. sometimes there might pop up a post or two in swedish, but this is the main tongue from now on. my room is starting to look more like I've wanted it to and less like a chaos(FINALLY) + I got an iPod touch today (sweet!) you guys enjoy the rest of your wednesday, xx

Tuesday, October 5

empty room

dedär skorna skulle jag mer än gärna vilja ha.

pluggar franska, lyssnar på diskmaskinen som stör min koncentration, drömmer om en stor chokladmilkshake och vill sova. såhär kortfattat.