Saturday, October 31


hello there, a fast one today. ida came over earlier and we had superfun! tomorrow we're going to laura's cottage to celebrate halloween, ida and i thought about dressing up as lumberjack's, with the checked shirts and sturdy shoes. we're gonna have a blast !

ps. more whining about this blogspot. if my photos are xl you see only a half of them? seriosly.

Wednesday, October 28


i seriosly hate blogspot. and maybe i should write in finnish or swedish? more natural. but anyway, i'll update again soon, mabye on friday.. tomorrow is just going to be crazy. now i need some sleep, sorry for whining so much, things are just so frustrating right now. happier thoughts on friday, love j

Tuesday, October 27

... and sorry about the header. i'll make a new one asap.

Monday, October 26

whether they give you chills or make you chuckle

this day seriosly sucks. the darkness is making me depressed! i'm glad i have superb friends,ida and i went to a flea market today in mankkaa. she found a cozy snow-white cardigan, which i hopefully borrow sometime? =) now some biology. ttyl

Sunday, October 25


made some changes to the blog. hope you like it (:
this whole weekend has been relaxing, just what i needed. but next week i have a biology test which i was supposed to study to.. but here i am, as dumb as always. i have done one good thing though, i went jogging yesterday, and i'm going to do it again today. some balance for all the around-lying. now to the hw, write again later!

I st-st-stuttered when you asked what I'm thinking about

ciao! just watched the movie under the tuscan sun. the whole day has passed without even noticing. mom was sick today so i made her breakfast and kept company, she even wanted pop so bad that i waded my way through the darkness and drizzle to the grocery store and got her some.

fall is making me a little bit depressed. it feels like the day is just too short and dark, that you just don't have the time to do everything that you should. plus i've absorbed a habit to go to bed after 11. i have to change that, but then we come to the time problem. going to bed later=more time to do something else. but i'll get over it, life's good, soon i'll be in new york again and it's splendorous !

yesterday i met up with vera and we went to see fame in the movie's. the movie was fun, but was also a little disappointment. things happened so fast, and i didn't really keep up.. maybe i'm just a bit slow :)

pictures from the summer, trying to cheer myself up!

Wednesday, October 21

if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

i hate this. why's this updated blogpot so hard to use?
today's outfit:

knitted scarf H&M jacket second hand jersey GT dress forever21 shoes dinsko


Tuesday, October 20

Monday, October 19


'sup? i've been studiying to that damn history test the whole day. i took a nap a few hours ago, sounds cozy,huh? but now i've got this headache the nap caused. not too nice.  think i'll just have to sleep it away. right now im looking at a delicious-looking chicken baguette. mouth-watering, i'll have to get around now :) 
we've been thinking about bleaching a pair of jeans with ida, balmain style. first i'm just trying this with my old jeans leggings, because you really can't be absolutely sure of the result.

Sunday, October 18


sunday. this day has two sides, the one that i really love, and the other that's not so exiting. the thing is, i am really bad at starting to study for upcoming tests in time. "oh, i'll have time to study on sunday" has become my number one excuse for not studying before it's almost too late. next week i have both history and math exams. seriosly, things gotta change.
i spent the weekend at ida's cottage. we had so much fun! we took pictures, stayed up late, drank pop excessively, laughed like maniacs and made this fabulous collage of a magazine.

played with the flashlight. creepy?

blogspot refuses to download any more pitures, i'll get back to it later.

Thursday, October 15

Play all the games this day has to offer

coucou! i'm so happy right now. life's good! i had two b-day parties today: erika had her stunna super sweet sixteen, and amanda turned 14. at erika's we ate chocolate cake, which had 16 candles on top. it looked kinda hilarious, because the cake couldn't be bigger than a cd. more people arrived later, but i had to visit her before amanda's party. we ate at picnic and watched the movie the ugly truth. aftrewards ida complained that the couple seated next to her were making out the whole time (:

my happy ladies

that last pic is awfully freaky!? i have not photoshopped it or anything!