Tuesday, September 15

Once I was a bird sightseeing in no mans country

Allo !

All day long I've been thinking about this awesome band and their gig I'm going to see in November. Anti-Flag is going to perform 11/21/09 at Nosturi. The support bands are Alexisonfire and Four Years Strong. I'm just so exited about this !

Today I hung out and took some pictures with my friend Marie. I took some pretty cool pics of her, she's such a beauty !
Today's ensemble:

LOVE-ring: Accessorizes
Jacket: a little boutique in Paris
Scarf: A street market in New York
Bag: Paris
Dress: New Jersey
Cardigan: second hand
Leggings: Gina Tricot
Shoes: DinSko

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  1. you're such a wonderfull photographer! I'll put the best shots on my blogg (: btw, I took these pics (;