Monday, September 21

naked and bustless:D

Un, deux, trois, quarte...
Just watching videos by ThisIsVee on YouTube. He's so totally random, I love it ! =) Today we had math, art and phsysic classes at school. Pretty normal, and boring. After school I had an hour to make some homework before the drawing- and painting workshop at Espoo Art School, but I just ate the all time :D My pal Anna started the workshop today, and we met up at the art school a few minutes before class. I finished my painting and it was kind of neat, because I've been working on it for the last three or four times!

My outfit today was really boring, just wanted to wear something comfy for school. A hoodie, jeans, Converses..

Haha, I was just looking through my pics from NY&NJ, and I found this:

It's the family dog, Wilbur. He's just soo cute !

Now I have to get to my French homework. Numbers 0-40.. G'nite !


  1. how long you have read french? (--:

  2. from the beginning of the 8th grade:)

  3. I love ThisIsVee<3 Points to me for introducing him to you :)