Sunday, September 20

We all get our jollys from one way or another

Oh gosh. I'm really, REALLY tired again. You're supposed to be relaxed after the weekend ? I've done nothing too special but I'm still exhausted.
I woke up quite early, 09.30. Ma homie Laura had texted me, so I we went to this small park to just enjoy the day. Just fooling around:

We also bumped into some runners who were running the Espoo Beach Marathon. I snapped a shot:

It had to stand there and wait for like 5 minutes, with people flooding by all the time.

But here's what I wore today:

Checked shirt: Forever21
Jeans: from Canada

Shoes: Forever21
Necklace: self-made

I have to sleep now. Tomorrow the faithful alarm clock will be waking me up at 06.44, as always. Bonne nuit !

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