Friday, December 31

srečno novo leto

faux fur vest zara, beanie bikbok, hoodie&jeans cheap monday, sweater second hand, canvas bag weekday + doc's.

okej ni ser typ inte mycket, men det här hade jag på mej igår. nu vill jag bara önska er ett gott nytt år. ha det gött och ta det lungt där ute! ljubljana kuittaa. xx


yeah i just wanted to show you my new shoes(i apologize for the bad pictures) love at first sight. i still can't believe i own these babies... now i'm starting to sound like a maniac. no but seriosly, the best buy ever. cherry red velvet 10-eye dr. martens, 65e.

fan vilken bra dag.

damn, that was a shitload of pics.

so, yesterday we were trying to figure out what to do that day, and so did we end up in Zagreb. actually a really really nice town. later i'll show you what i wore. now we're hitting the ski slopes for the last time this year! later alligator

Wednesday, December 29


krvavec, 1970m. solnedgången kanske det finaste jag sett.

efter två dagar i backen hoppas jag verkligen att jag har catchat ens lite bruna, vettu? anyways, stora nyheter: jag fick mitt baggage idag. det tog ju BARA en vecka för den att nå Ljubljana. nu när jag har smink och kläder och kameraladdaren och andra såna onödigheter igen, hoppas jag att det tas bilder imorgon. so, cross your fingers. just nu är jag lite allmänt besviken att jag inte kan spendera nyår med mina fina vä allt kan man ju inte få.

Monday, December 27

Milk Drop Coronet/movement

tomorrow Kranjska Gora & skiing (finally) hitting the hay now, g'nite folks xx

Sunday, December 26

standing on the edge of forever

Starbucks @ Kastrup, Copenhagen & Bled.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Graz&Maribor to explore new places, really looking forward to that! My camera's battery is almost dead, and the charger is in my luggage which I never got when we flew here(yes, I have been living with close to no clothes for a few days), so don't except much pictures. Long story short: a journey that should've taken us a good 7h ended up to be 22h. plus, as I mentioned, I didn't get my luggage. Well I guess it'll show up someday! Goodnight xo

ps. I fell in love yesterday. I found the shoes of my dreams... I'll show them to you tomorrow.

Friday, December 24

Vesel božič!

Merry Christmas to you all! Things here in Slovenia are good, well, it's not the best weather (it's raining) I don't mind really, as long as I get to spend this day with my family nothing else matters. So, as we say in Slovenia, vesel božič! xo

God jul till alla mina finaste, saknar er redan. Ha en skön skön dag i snöiga Finland, njut av julstämningen och lugnet. puss

Tuesday, December 21


tomorrow I'll be here. so long, xx

Sunday, December 19

You know.

hello. I have a fever and a sore throat, a hell of a cold to be exact. hope I'll be well on Wednesday, that's when we'll leave to Ljubljana. later skater xo

Sunday, December 12