Sunday, September 27

No one ever suspects the butterfly

This is how I look right now, haha =)

Sorry that I haven't had time to write anything in a long time, I should be doing homework right now.. so let's make this a quick one.

On Friday we went to Helsinki with Laura( It was a chilly day, so we bought some hot chocolate with whipped cream on top from Robert's Coffee. It was delicious ! After that we just hung out at Espa. Later she came over to our place.. and we just lay on my bed and watched tv :D

Yesterday I was supposed to do homework all day long, but I ended up watching The Hills-marathon on MTV and seeing Laura again. Later I went out jogging and then watched The Pink Panther 2 with my sis :)

Today's outfit:

Shirt: second hand

Thights: H&M

Glasses: from New York

Now back to the hw, ciao !