Sunday, September 13

When we turn the light on, they scatter

Salut à tous !
I love sundays. You can read a good book, bake, drink hot chocolate, hang out with your friends, see a good movie or just relax, for example. Today I went to see The Hangover with my friend. It was the second time I saw it, but it was still as hilarious as the first time! And Justin Bartha was still looking pretty damn hot..

I have to tell you, my friend Marie taught me how to skate on Wednesday. At first, it was one of the hardest things I've ever tried. In the beginning I couldn't even stand on the board without support, but it went smoother after a while :)
Here's the evidence:


Hoodie: H&M

T-shirt: from Sweden

Jeans: from Canada

Shoes: Foot Locker

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