Wednesday, September 23

Jasmine and honeysuckle

Salut petite boules!

Yesterday was a hectic day, I didn't have time to write anything. In school we had English, French, math and history. In the afternoon I went to Kierr├Ątyskeskus (Recycling Centre) and Fida. I bought a cute bag and a blue-red-white checked flannel shirt for only 4.5o€! Pictures later on.

I woke up at 07.55 and snoozed for a couple minutes. For the first time in a long, LONG time I didn't have to run for the bus ! We had a short day, 09-13. After school I went to buy some cheese, and then came home. I was in the mood for some painting, but i had no inspiration.. here's the result:

Nothing too pretty :D

Today's outfit:

Denim shirt: JC
Top: Gina Tricot
Leggings: H&M
Specs: from New York

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