Wednesday, September 16

We already ate it.

Salut à tous les rennes peu !

Today was a short day at school, we only had four lessons. I went to Sello with my friend, 'cause she wanted to buy some clothes. And surprise, surprise, I ended up with some new stuff too! I was so exited, because I haven't bought any new clothes after I went to New Jersey and New York(in July) !

Tomorrow we're going to have a sports day at school. It's kinda fun, I'm going to miss some really boring lessons: Biology, Math, P.E. Plus we're just going to walk around the area so it's gonna be nice.. hope it's not gonna rain !
I just came home after jogging about a 5½ miles. I always go jogging with a friend on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and we both enjoy it so much!

Today's outfit:

Jacket: second hand

Scarf: Zara

Jersey: second hand

Leggings: Only

Shoes: Dinsko

Things I bought today:

This cape/jacket was a real bargain: at first it cost 89€ but I got it for 20€!

Cape/jacket: JC

I bought these cuties from H&M Kids. They're were just too lovely to resist!

Rings(3-pack): H&M Kids, 1.95€

I'm drifting off to sleep every minute now. Sleep tight everybody !

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