Wednesday, May 4


what i crave at the moment are bright colors. blue, green and yellow in particular...but that top wouldn't be too bad either.

me and anna were DJ:ing at her old elementary school today, the kids were having a disco. it really reminded me of a simpler time: as a kid you had much simpler homework, relations to your loved ones, problems. i can't believe it was only four years ago i was the one dancing and giggling with my friends at a disco much similar to this one today. sometimes i miss that simpler time, but most of the time not. even though you can always find something to improve, i'm happy where i am now.


  1. Ohh ja pröva på dendär toppen i topshop när ja va i england! buh att ja int köpte, så snygg! :(

  2. åh, de e helt sjukt fin! synd :(