Wednesday, April 14

om vi är små möss så är katten ett rovdjur

10 things right now

1. i just came home from the longest run i've ever done. it was awful. but the feeling afterwards.. that's what gets me to put on my jogging shoes every wednesday, saturday and sunday.
2. i didn't do a thing i had planned to do today.
3. the most bizarre thing today was that i fell asleep while watching a German tv show. well, when i think about it, it's not that bizarre after all.
4. i feel like deleting my Facebook.. just for no reason.
5. i know money is not the most important thing, but i could kill for some Alexander Wang garments.
6. i am finally getting to read To kill a mockingbird, thanks to l who bought it today.
7. can not believe it's 20.41 and the sun still hasn't set
8. i feel extremely peckish for some Fazer's chocolate right now
9. my nails need to be painted, but i just can't bring myself to do it. or actually, i can't bring myself to pick a colour!
10. the show "date in the dark" is bull.

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