Friday, October 9

If we just could dance it all away

Bonjour ! I've been quite busy. Like always. But thursday wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. But still I was exhausted, and went to bed early. The híghlight of the day was when Ida and I took pictures. We were in a hurry, cause we both had practices but it was still great!

Jacket Zara, the Bag's a gift, Scarf second hand, Jeans American Eagle Outfitters, Shoes DinSko

Joanna had her b-day party on Friday night. We were quite many: Laura, Marie, Ida, Yasmine and Emmi. We made pizza, had a music quiz and watched He's just not that in to you, and took pictures. I had a great time!

I slept about 11 hours and woke up 11.40 in Saturday morning. I met my friend, it was stellar to see her! We just hung out at her place. Later I ate tortillas at Granny's, yum! When I got home we watched a movie.
Sunday was a chilly day, but we still went out on a walk with Laura.

Laura's adorable dog Dina

A typical Sundayoutfit:
Jacket Boy-Cot, Hoodie Cubus, Scarf H&M Men, Sweatpants Nike, Shoes from New York

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