Sunday, October 25

I st-st-stuttered when you asked what I'm thinking about

ciao! just watched the movie under the tuscan sun. the whole day has passed without even noticing. mom was sick today so i made her breakfast and kept company, she even wanted pop so bad that i waded my way through the darkness and drizzle to the grocery store and got her some.

fall is making me a little bit depressed. it feels like the day is just too short and dark, that you just don't have the time to do everything that you should. plus i've absorbed a habit to go to bed after 11. i have to change that, but then we come to the time problem. going to bed later=more time to do something else. but i'll get over it, life's good, soon i'll be in new york again and it's splendorous !

yesterday i met up with vera and we went to see fame in the movie's. the movie was fun, but was also a little disappointment. things happened so fast, and i didn't really keep up.. maybe i'm just a bit slow :)

pictures from the summer, trying to cheer myself up!

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