Sunday, October 4


Salut à tous rosettes!
I finally got to meet my old friends after a long time ! We went to this cozy coffee shop and drank hot chocolate. The day was chilly, and when we got to my place it started to rain. The girls stayed for a while, we watched The Hills and ate chocolate balls. Hope we're going to meet up again soon !

Nea's asleep

Surprise, surprise I have to study some biology after I'm done writing this. Laura's coming over in 45 minutes, we have a French test next Tuesday, so there's going to be some studying for that, too. Earlier today Ida and I made a b-day present for our friend Joanna:

Nice, huh?

Oh, almost forgot. I went to Fida yesterday, and I found a fake fur coat, which is half-black and -white. It's really nice, or at least I like it :D I also went to this outlet in Lauttasaari, and bought a hoodie. Pics later :)

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